Zebulette, creating and making in France- infant carrier

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zebulanneau infant carrier zebulanneau baby carrier
zebulanneau baby carrier

Made from organic cotton, the Zebulanneau® can be used from birth to 4 years and over.
A long lasting inexpensive buy for 35 €VAT included (excluding delivery charge)


  • 100 % organic cotton
  • Width of material 60 cm,
  • 2 sizes : 36-38-40 or 40-42-44 (or made to measure)
  • Colours: ivory , contrasting edging
  • Weight : 300 gr
  • Machine washable

Without buckles or straps, Velcro® or knots, the Zebulanneau® is much easier to put on and take off than a long strip of material.
You simply twist the material over your shoulder to adjust to your child's size and to your own clothes.

Zebulanneau infant carrierThe under-6-months baby can be carried lying down or upright, facing inwards or outwards. The width of the materiel protects the baby from sun and wind. Mothers who are breast-feeding can do so anywhere without being observed.

baby carrier

Important : When putting the baby in the carrier, make sure there is material between his and the wearer's body , thus avoiding all risk of slipping.

From the age of 6 months, the baby is positioned on the hip, facing forwards or backwards. His thighs and back are well supported by the material, and his weight is evenly distributed for the wearer.


Child carrierFor a child over 2 years old, the Zebulanneau® is worn like a satchel. Lift the child and place him on your hip; slide the material under his bottom.

The Zebulanneau® can be used with older children when they are tired, or in a crowded place, or need a cuddle.

Zebulanneau in a pocket

Whatever the age of the child, the Zebulanneau® is quick and simple to put on, as there is no inside out or back to front. The position of the pocket is of no importance, as it is used to fold away the Zebulanneau® when not in use, taking up little space in your bag.

Le Zebulanneau porté par une grand-mèreAnother advantage of the Zebulanneau®

Easy to put on and take off, the Zebulanneau® is much appreciated by grandparents, who find it avoids awkward or strained movements, and the risk of back pain.