Zebulette, creating and making - baby bouncer

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Zebulette Zebulette

Baby bouncer from 4 months to toddlers
Recommended weight  : 12 kg
65€ VAT included (excluding delivery charge)


  • Upholstery weight cotton canvas with edging in cotton bias binding
  • Structure in Landes pine, planed, untreated Ø 30mm
  • Ø 9mm cord for hanging up to 2.40m high, resistance 1.1t
  • Latex elastic Ø 9mm (+ spare one )
  • Machine washable 40°C
  • Hook Ø 6mm
  • Choice of pattern / colour (see season's selection )
  • Weight : 500 gr

The Zebulette® is a baby bouncer for infants to amuse themselves or rest in an upright position. The shape of the canvas pouch supports the infant firmly front and back but also allows him freedom of movement.


A la naissanceHOW TO HANG
The Zebulette® can be hung either indoors or outdoors:

  • indoors : ceiling, door frame, ceiling beam, gym equipment, banister, stairwell ...
  • outdoors : tree, frame, tent... feet in a plastic basin of water or paddling-pool, lots of fun !

Vers 5-8 moisIMPORTANT
Adjusting the height

The elastic stretches according to the weight of the infant. His feet should just touch the ground but the infant should NOT carry his weight on his legs or hips. Do not leave the infant in the bouncer for too long periods.

A made to measure model for children up to 6-8 years old with reduced mobility (accident, handicap) can be made on request - Ask for a price estimate.